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Warm Air is Coming Out Instead of Cold

As you get in your car and turn on your AC, you probably expect it to be blowing hot air for the first minute of two until the system cycles through enough to cool it.  But what if the air never gets cold?  Or maybe it gets cooler, but not cold enough?  No, your car didn’t get confused and turned on heat by accident.  There is likely a problem with your condenser.

A condenser’s job in a vehicle is to cool the warm refrigerant that was used to make the air cold in the evaporator.   A condenser has coils and a fan to push the air through the coils and thus cool the refrigerant.  If the condenser coils get dirty or clogged, or if the fan fails, the refrigerant won’t be cooled completely, so the air will come out warm.  It’s best to take your vehicle to an experienced auto ac repair professional (Baxley’s Auto Repair) to troubleshoot this problem if you don’t know your way around under the hood.

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