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Little to No Air is Coming out of your Air Conditioner

When we have one of extreme hot days here in Arkansas, you don’t want to turn on your A/C and nothing happen.  If it does, you may be dealing with a major component failure.

Your vehicle’s  AC system consists of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, series of tubes and several fans/blowers.  If either one of these components fails to do their job, it may result an entire system failure.  For example, if the evaporator blower motor burns out, you will get little to no airflow through the vents.

Most modern vehicles also have safety mechanisms that may prevent a component from engaging if the pressure is low in the system due to a refrigerant leak.  Refrigerant can leak for many reasons, including undone welds, loose connections, corrosion, physical damage from road debris, etc.  Look for oil stains underneath your car, as they may indicate a leak.  If you suspect a refrigerant leak, take your car to Baxley’s Auto Repair.  We will test the pressure and use special dyes to pinpoint the leak. 

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