We offer a complimentary, local taxi service to and from our shop

Benton Auto Repair 72019 | Baxley's Auto Repair (501)794-1541 | Light Duty Truck Repair in Benton, AR

Don’t let your college student drive back to college without having a safety inspection done!!!!   We will check all the fluids, check brakes and tires, wipers, lights, and check under the hood.  Call us at 501-794-1541 and make your appointment for an oil change and a safety inspection.  Time spent doing this now could keep them from being stranded, and have to spend time  and money on fixing their vehicle while they could be studying!!!!   They will so appreciate this!!!     You can also make an appointment online at baxleysautorepair.com.  We aren’t open on Saturdays, so don’t call us then!!!    Our hours are Monday thru Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30.

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